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The art technology of manufacturing glass and cutting it into inspired shapes was first born on the (more…)


Crystal Asfour April 5, 2009

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Crystal Asfour is an International company for crystal production. (more…)


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Kristal Asfour Maret 21, 2009

Kristal Asfour itu apa sih?

Asfour adalah (more…)


Cara memelihara atau merawat Kristal Asfour

How should one care of ASFOUR products ?

Our crystal is hard brilliant lifetime creation which can stand most harsh environmental exposures. Crystal should occasionally polished with a soft cloth and if soiled, it can be washed in lukewarm water containing weak washing up liquid then dried and polished with soft cloth. Meanwhile avoid dropping or violent knocking to the crystal objects. It is recommended to wear a cotton glove to avoid fingerprints on surface of your object .

You should also avoid heavy contact with spray detergent, hairspray, perfumes,.. etc. in order to protect the setting of the crystal . When cleaning your chandeliers, you may use a dry or damp cloth and do not use any cleaning solutions that contain alcohol or ammonia which might destroy the protective finish of the chandelier and causes them to tarnish.

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Asfour itu menghasilkan kristal jenis apa sih?

What kind of crystals ASFOUR produce ?

Normal full lead crystal has a 24 % lead oxide content, but ASFOUR CRYSTAL has developed a material of more than 30 % lead crystal which after cutting and polishing processes provides exceptional clarity and high refraction prismatic colors.


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Bagaimana mengemas Asfour?

How assembled are our chandeliers ?

Crystal fixtures cannot be shipped assembled because this could lead to significant damage to the body and crystals during shipping .Therefore, simple instructions and installation booklet is included to your packing as most of the chandeliers may require simple body assembly along with the hanging ready crystal inside its separate boxes. It is quite clear that the factory is out of responsibility for any damage or dangers due to an improper installation of our lighting fixtures by individuals; therefore, we strongly recommend installation by professional electricians only.



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Sejarah pembuatan kaca dan kristal

About glass history , and how it was developped through time ?

Glass as a natural material was found since time was begun as a result of volcanic eruptions in the form of melted rocks. These rocks were used by Stone Age’s man as cutting tools. However, it is believed that the first man-made glass objects around the 3500 BC were found in Egypt (more…)