Kristal Asfour

Kristal Mesir Asfour Import asli cantik, unik dan antik

Bagaimana mengemas Asfour? Maret 21, 2009

How assembled are our chandeliers ?

Crystal fixtures cannot be shipped assembled because this could lead to significant damage to the body and crystals during shipping .Therefore, simple instructions and installation booklet is included to your packing as most of the chandeliers may require simple body assembly along with the hanging ready crystal inside its separate boxes. It is quite clear that the factory is out of responsibility for any damage or dangers due to an improper installation of our lighting fixtures by individuals; therefore, we strongly recommend installation by professional electricians only.



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One Response to “Bagaimana mengemas Asfour?”

  1. M rusydi Says:

    gimana caranya saya mdapatkan kristal (permata) asfour dengan harga bersaing?

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