Kristal Asfour

Kristal Mesir Asfour Import asli cantik, unik dan antik

Cara memelihara atau merawat Kristal Asfour Maret 21, 2009

How should one care of ASFOUR products ?

Our crystal is hard brilliant lifetime creation which can stand most harsh environmental exposures. Crystal should occasionally polished with a soft cloth and if soiled, it can be washed in lukewarm water containing weak washing up liquid then dried and polished with soft cloth. Meanwhile avoid dropping or violent knocking to the crystal objects. It is recommended to wear a cotton glove to avoid fingerprints on surface of your object .

You should also avoid heavy contact with spray detergent, hairspray, perfumes,.. etc. in order to protect the setting of the crystal . When cleaning your chandeliers, you may use a dry or damp cloth and do not use any cleaning solutions that contain alcohol or ammonia which might destroy the protective finish of the chandelier and causes them to tarnish.

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