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Crystal Asfour April 5, 2009

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Crystal Asfour is an International company for crystal production. The interaction between the ancient Egyptian civilization, the first to make the glass since 3500 years B.C combined with today’s technology and the artistic touches, gives our products a unique design, high transparency and fire glittering.

In 1961, on an area covering 22 thousand Sqm. In Shoubra – El-Khema, Asfour crystal was established and started production using five melting pots and about 200 workers.

From 1978, the units used became 18 automatic melting units steadily tending towards developing and diversifying production.

The company used an electronic controlled melting unit in addition to most modern robots and started producing 30% PbO Crystal in electric pot furnaces as a prelude for a large project for the production of this quality of crystal. In 1991, Asfour Company introduced a modern electronic operated melting furnace for the production of full lead crystal with more than 30% pbo content the production of this unit started with 3000 tons per year in 1993 to face the still growing demand on Asfour crystal products.

In 2000, Asfour crystal was categorized as one of the largest world manufacturers in the field of crystal with a working power that reached more than 5000 workers supplying the foreign markets with more than 80% of its production.


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